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How To Make Strong Coffee Without A Coffee Maker?


Let’s face it – we’ve become so reliant on our beloved coffee machines these days that it’s hard to imagine life without one. But what if there’s a power outage in your home, a problem with your water supply, your coffee maker has just died, etc.? On one hand you can opt to make strong instant coffee. But what if you prefer good old ground java? How to make strong coffee without a coffee maker so that you may get your much-needed dose of early morning caffeine?

You can still get a nice hot cup of coffee with the help of a:

  • French press
  • Coffee filter
  • Strainer
  • Saucepan
  • Instant coffee.

This means that you can play around with certain aspects regarding how strong the coffee will be.

Including adjusting the water-to-ground ratios, use a different roast color or try a new brewing technique.

Also, before you start making your own powerful coffee, don’t forget that there are two main coffee species that we’re all familiar with – Arabica and Canephora (a.k.a. Robusta).

Yes, it’s a fact that most people love their Arabica and most of the time the sole reason for that is the taste, although there are many Arabica-Robusta blends out there.

How Can I Make Strong Coffee At Home?

The easiest way to do that is by adding more grounds, without changing the amount of water that you’re using.

That’s a simple, efficient and smart method that relies on making the right adjustments to the coffee-water ratio.

And no, you don’t necessarily need a coffee maker for that!

In fact, you can alter the coffee-water ratio as much as you want, depending on how strong you want your coffee to be.

These are the most common ratios for brewing techniques that people use:

  • 1:18 (one part of coffee combined with 18 parts of water)
  • 1:16 (one part of coffee mixed with 16 parts of water)

Obviously, you’ll have to tweak and adjust those ratios as per your own preferences, but my advice is, to begin with, a higher ratio (e.g. 1:18) and proceed from there.

That way you’ll be able to find just the right amount of coffee and water that you need for the ideal, strong coffee.

Note that using less water makes the coffee that much more potent and it might even start to taste bitter if you skew the ratios.

1. Using A Tea Strainer

  • Heat the water until boiling – either via a tea kettle, electric hot pot etc.
  • Add the desired amount of grounds to a container
  • Pour the now hot water over the container with the grounds
  • Steep the coffee for a total of 6 minutes – let it steep for 3 mins, stir and let it steep for another 3 mins
  • Pour the coffee in a cup by using a tea strainer to hold the grounds
  • Drink

2. Using A Coffee Filter

  • Heat the water until it starts to bubble or boil
  • Put the wanted quantity of grounds in a coffee filter
  • Tie the filter and place it in a cup
  • Fill the cup (with the filter in it) with hot water
  • Steep for around 4-5 mins if you want a stronger coffee
  • Take the filter out of the cup
  • Enjoy

3. Using A Saucepan

  • Add water and coffee grounds to a saucepan
  • Mix the whole thing by stirring them
  • Heat the mixture until boiling
  • After it reaches the boiling point, let it continue boiling for another 2 mins
  • Slowly and carefully pour the now ready coffee in a cup (the grounds will most likely be at the bottom of the pan, so you don’t need a filter or a strainer)
  • Your coffee is now ready

4. Using A French Press

  • Boil the needed amount of water (e.g. 250 ml/8 oz)
  • Add the desired number of grounds to the French Press
  • Now pour the hot water over the grounds in your French Press
  • Place the top of the press and let it steep for 2 to 3 mins (smaller pots) or around 4 mins (larger press pots)
  • Slowly press the plunger of the French Press down
  • Pour the coffee into a cup
  • Take a sip

5. Using An Instant Coffee

  • Heat the water (until it’s boiling)
  • Add the desired amount (add more if you want it to be stronger) of instant coffee granules to a cup or a mug
  • Add the boiling water and give it a nice stir
  • You can now enjoy your instant coffee

    What Makes The Strongest Coffee?

    You can make a stronger coffee by:

    • Getting strong coffee beans (e.g. Robusta)
    • Using fresh ground coffee, clean or purified water
    • Taking advantage of proper coffee to water ratios

    In fact, you can try looking for the best Robusta coffee brands if you want quality Robusta beans.

    And here’s how each of these aspects affects the potency of your coffee:

    But due to the generally considered as a not-so-great taste of Robusta, you’d probably like a blend between Arabica (great taste) and Robusta (higher caffeine content), to get the best of both worlds.

    Using coffee that’s fresh

    You probably won’t be shocked to learn that coffee not only loses its flavor as time goes by, but it loses its potency too.

    This means that if you want a stronger cup of coffee, the coffee that you’re using needs to be fresh.

    Make the coffee with clean water

    Don’t underestimate the importance of the water that you’re using for making your coffee.

    When brewing coffee with dirty or contaminated water will result in a coffee that simply tastes off.

    And don’t forget that the ideal brewing temperature is 195 F to 205 F – less than that will result in not adequately extracted flavors from the beans and any temperature over will literally burn the beans.

    Does Using More Coffee Make It Stronger? Relying on adequate coffee-water ratios for a stronger coffee

    If you want to sip on strong coffee, then your best bet would be to use more ground coffee and less water.

    Essentially, the more coffee and less water you use, the more powerful it will be.

    Does Using More Coffee Make It Stronger?

    Both contain around the same amount of caffeine although light roast coffee is generally considered to be more powerful than its darker counterpart.

    Now, when it comes to sheer volume, the light roast packs more caffeine than dark roast coffee.

    The main reason for this is that the darker color suggests that the coffee has been roasted for a longer period of time.

    And what happens when the beans get burnt i.e. over-roasted?

    The caffeine content of the beans gets diminished, while their flavor dissipates.

    This is probably the number one reason why fans of stronger coffee types opt for lighter roast beans.

    However, there’s also a widespread misconception that dark roast coffee contains more caffeine and is actually stronger.

    That’s because it generally has a more bitter and intense taste than lighter roasts.

    Due to that, many people assume that it’s jam-packed with caffeine and that darker roasts are more potent than light roast coffee, which is obviously false.

    Does Using More Coffee Make It Stronger?

    Yes, adding more coffee grounds will result in a more potent coffee – if you don’t increase the amount of water that is.

    You really don’t want to add too much water if your sole goal is to have a kickass coffee that hits you like a truck.

    Basically, utilizing a coffee to water ratio that favors the content of the ground coffee is what you’re looking for if you want a strong cup of coffee.

    A word of caution though – putting too much coffee grounds would make things more bitter, due to the coffee having an increased amount of alkaloids.

    How To Make Coffee With Coffee Powder?

    Heat some water (e.g. 250 ml or 8 oz) until boiling, wait for roughly 30 to 40 secs and put the coffee powder in the water.

    Then stir it well, wait for several minutes (e.g. 2-3 or more, depending on how strong you want it to be) and pour it into a cup using a strainer, cloth, etc.

    And there are a few well-known ways for making great coffee using a coffee powder:

    • Drip coffee – Quick and easy, although it doesn’t give you the most delicious coffee out there
    • Cold-brew – This method takes a long time (around 12 hours to brew), although it has lots of caffeine and provides a superb taste
    • Pour-over – The pour-over technique isn’t exactly beginner-friendly and it’s more time-consuming, but it’s ideal for those of you who want the perfect cup of mild coffee
    • French press – This method will give you a nice cup of super tasty coffee in several minutes, although there’s a chance of some residue from the grounds slipping through
    • Aeropress – The Aeropress offers great versatility and quality flavors. It’s also ideal for novice coffee enthusiasts

    How To Make Iced Coffee Without A Coffee Maker?

    Here’s how to make a brilliant cup of ice coffee, without relying on a coffee machine – the easy way:

    • Get a small jar that can take around 250 ml (8 oz) of water in it
    • Mix 6 oz (170 ml) of coffee grounds and 6 oz (170 ml) of cold water inside the jar
    • Shake the entire thing well
    • Leave the mixture for a couple of hours
    • Pour the whole thing into a cup using something to filter the grounds e.g. a strainer
    • Add some ice and/or a sweetener and enjoy

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