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16 Common Mistakes in Coffee Brewing


As an everyday ritual, millions of people around the world brew scrumptious coffee. According to research, every person consumes at least cups of coffee on daily basis. That makes up about 633 million cups of coffee every day. That’s a whopping figure, right?

There are certain mistakes that occur during the coffee brewing process and tend to negatively affect the flavor and quality of coffee. Before you begin to brew your next cup of coffee, it is crucial that you get all the conditions and ingredients right.

Coffee is stale

It is quite easy to know a coffee that has been left far too long and is not fresh. If the coffee beans are not fresh, you are presumably ruining the coffee brewing process way before it has even begun.

The tiny grains of coffee do not last forever and if kept for a longer period of time than required, the volatile compounds that ensure excellent flavour of coffee beans die away; leaving behind a taste that will only sow seeds of bitterness in your coveted cup.

Always take a look at the roasting date whenever you purchase coffee and ensure that it is used within one month or even less. You can also get yourself registered to numerous services offering coffee subscriptions to ensure that you get fresh-roasted, whole-bean coffee as and when required.

Also, take coffee while it is nice and hot as the chemical reactions that get rid of the bold and vibrant flavour of the coffee take over once it begins to cool down.

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Coffee beans are of low quality

If you invest heavily in something, you are almost invariably going to be rewarded with the good things. The same also holds true for coffee. It may sound tempting at first to save some money up your sleeves and make a compromise at the quality of the coffee but you will definitely rue your decision once you are disappointed at the flavour of the coffee as soon as you take its very first sip.

Always ensure that you get your hands at the best coffee beans that are in accordance with your taste and budget.

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Incorrect coffee measurement

Just imagine that it is still early in the morning and you are feeling sleepy; yearning that you could get another couple of hours of sleep. Intending to give yourself that much desired morning boost, you place a few scoops of coffee beans into the filter, pour in some water and make an attempt at abstaining from drinking right from the pot. Of course, the taste is horrible but at least you got your much needed intake of caffeine.

We truly understand that sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to measure the accurate quantity of coffee. But if you are really desiring for a splendid cup of coffee in those horrendous early hours of the day, then should be ready to spend some money on a kitchen scale and reserve some time to measure the appropriate amount of coffee and water.

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Brewing techniques are not appropriate

You have to do away with ease and comfort if you want to treat your taste buds with a spectacular cup of coffee. There are different techniques of brewing coffee and all of them conjure coffee of varying tastes, aroma and quality. So, while the brewing method that you are resorting to may be providing you with a hassle-free cup of coffee, it does not mean that you are necessarily getting the best coffee ever.

If you have been employing drip coffee makers, you may as well try out other techniques. French press coffee may turn out to be a game changer or the Chemex coffee maker could ushers in a revolution in your coffee spree.

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You are not purchasing whole bean coffee

Similar to roasting, gases and oils are dissipated during grinding that are responsible for the bold flavour of the coffee.

It may be convenient to purchase coffee that is ground and packaged but since it remains unused until you purchase it means that the content responsible for the bold taste of the coffee have gone away. The flavour of the coffee keeps on getting altered as long as it stays on the shelf.

Always purchase whole bean coffee and grind them yourself for the most spectacular cup of coffee.

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Water temperature is not correct

You may be confused about the appropriate water temperature at which coffee is to be brewed. Accurate temperature of water is crucial to ensuring that a splendid cup of coffee is prepared.

The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is between 195 degree F (90.6 degree C) and 205 degree F (96.1 degree C). Within this temperature range, accurate amount of gases and oils are released; thereby imparting the delicious taste into your cup of coffee. You may as well get your hands on a good quality kitchen thermometer for measuring the temperature of water and ensure that the coffee is brewed within the recommended temperature range.

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Coffee is not properly ground

If the coffee beans have not been ground appropriately in accordance with the fashion and technique of coffee that are you are resorting to. In such a scenario, the gases and oils responsible for the great flavour, color and aroma of the coffee may not get released in an effective manner. If you purchase a pre-ground coffee, you may not get the opportunity to tweak the way you grind the coffee beans and a low-grade grinder may not be able to produce the results you are looking for.

Coffee beans should always be ground for the best flavoured coffee but it should be ensured that the beans are ground in an even manner. Uniformly ground beans let water filter through them; thereby producing a magnificent cup of coffee. A burr coffee grinder can help you grind coffee beans impeccably.

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Coffee is not being stored in a proper manner

Coffee cannot be stored for a longer duration of time in bags of all kinds. Coffee can be adversely impacted by oxygen and humidity so it is imperative that coffee remains protected from them at all costs.

Airtight coffee canisters are the way to go to store your high quality whole bean coffee. The canisters should be kept in a cool, dry place void of air and light.

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Gear is flimsy

All things degrade with the passage of time and similar is the case with coffee brewing paraphernalia. Even if you indulge yourself in regular maintenance and cleaning of the gear, it will inevitably yield to rigors of time and usage and will eventually need to be replaced with the new apparatus.

Whether you prefer the high end espresso machines or employ hot water kettle to warm the water for your pour over coffee brewer, always beware of abrupt changes in performance. If you observe any change in coffee’s flavour despite all other variables remaining constant, it could well be the time to get a new coffee brewing apparatus.

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 Coffee cup is not right

Apparently, coffee cup may seem like a personal choice instead of an issue, but the cup that you use to drink coffee is really vital. Plastic is definitely not recommended as it tends to change the flavour of the coffee and is likely to contain Bisphenol A (BPA) that leach into coffee with the passage of time. BPA is present in many products made of plastic and is a subject of extensive research in relation to its harmful repercussions on health.

You should always go for top of the line glass or ceramic designed specifically for hot liquids. Travel mugs made of stainless steel can be a great option during excursions away from home as they have the ability to preserve coffee’s flavour and keep it hot and yummy for longer periods of time.

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Ingredients do not conform to coffee

Poor quality ingredients can greatly damage the overall taste of the coffee. Cheap creamers or sweeteners to high quality coffee is akin to adding flimsy accessories to a brand new Porche.

If you add in top of the line creamer and coffee sweeteners to a truly brilliant cup of coffee, its overall flavour will get even better. They are there to enhance the taste of coffee rather than exterminate coffee’s flavour and aroma.

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Coffee that you are making is just too much

It may seem rather convenient to prepare a large pot of coffee for breakfast or to help you get through the long day, but it can easily spoil the flavour of the coffee. The larger the amount of coffee that you brewer, the more complicated it becomes to get the requisite taste and aroma.

Brewing coffee one cup at a time in Aeropress does result in high quality coffee but it won’t be the most intelligent of ideas while preparing coffee for a large meal or for a party.

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Poor quality water is used

Many people think that tap water is all that is required but it should be kept in mind that it typically comes with minerals and other constituents that are likely to interact with the contents present in the coffee. So, whether your water is hard or soft, it possesses the inherent capability to affect the overall taste, aroma and quality of the coffee that you so dearly want.

You should not be willing to take any risk whether you are a drip coffee aficionado or a pour over coffee enthusiast, purified or filtered water should be the way to go.

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Coffee filter is not rinsed or replaced

A coffee filter that is not cleaned can comfortably spoil your coffee spree whether it is paper or metal. It can create mess along with totally destroying the coffee’s taste.

Paper coffee filters should be removed and trashed after each time the coffee is brewed and the filter basket should be rinsed thoroughly.

If the coffee maker comes with a reusable filter, it should be rinsed after each brew and replaced if you observe a serious decline in the overall flavour of the coffee.

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Coffee Maker is not cleaned

Similar to all other electronic and mechanical equipment at home along with your pets, a coffee maker needs to be scrubbed clean regularly. If it is not cleaned appropriately, it may become home to dirt, grime, dust, microorganisms and residual flavors that will have negative impact on the quality of your coffee.

You should follow the instructions stipulated in the user’s manual to clean your coffee maker. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures that your future brews are void of residual contents.

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You are not sure what you really like

This is not as bad a thing as it may look. Figuring out how you prefer coffee and developing a certain taste can be quite time consuming. At the same time, uncertainty can be dangerous for the goodness of your coffee since you are rummaging in the dark and are sceptical about the kind of brew that you are endeavouring to attain.

Trying out all the different flavors and brewing techniques is essential to determining your personal preferences. You can try out making espresso in a Moka pot or even have a go at the traditional Turkish coffee. Whatever your personal choice is, with each brewing experience will come knowledge and learning coupled with the love for coffee that will enable you to discover endless possibilities in the realm of coffee brewing.

Stay Focused!

We are humans are humans tend to make mistakes. Similar is the case with coffee as we tend to comprehend and appreciate the things we love with each mistake.

Spending time to brewing, drinking, storing and savouring coffee will give you the courage and confidence to prepare a spectacular cup not only for one day but also for the future days to come.

Happy brewing!

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