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10 Ingredients to Amp up your Coffee Flavor


There are many of us who simply adore black coffee along with those who like to add a few sweeteners and creamers to enhance the flavor of their morning cup of joe. But has it ever occurred to you that you can also add other flavors and spices to coffee to play around with the different flavors?

In this post, we will be discussing with you 10 ingredients that can boost your coffee’s flavor so that you can set out on an exciting adventure yourself of unearthing more fascinating and exotic coffee combinations that will be a tremendous treat for your taste buds. We are sure that once you skim through this list, you will be restless until you head back home and give at least one of these ingredients a go!

10 Ingredients to Amp up your Coffee Flavor

1 – Vanilla Extract

If you are someone who likes to savor the creamy taste imparted to the coffee by creams and sugar but are loathe to the additional calories, then vanilla extract could pave the way for you to have your cake and eat it as well (pun intended!). Keep in mind that even a little quantity could mean a massive alteration in flavor.

You should add just one bean to the coffee grounds while preparing coffee to yield optimum results. Keep in mind that the longer the bean remains mixed with the ground coffee the bolder will be the vanilla flavor. In the absence of beans, you may as well add two or three drops to your cup.

Ensure that you get the real deal when purchasing the vanilla extract to get what you are looking for!

2 – Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a simple ingredient that could do wonders to that coveted cup of coffee you so dearly want in those early hours of the day. Cinnamon originates from the bark of an evergreen tree known as the Cinnamomum tree.

A fun fact: cinnamon has the highest amount of antioxidant constituents amongst spices and is believed to be great for the immune system. And hey, it tastes great as well!

By adding a cinnamon stick to your pot while preparing coffee, all the goodness of the spice seeps into the liquid to get a wonderful flavor. You may as well add a dash to a single cup. Cinnamon in sticks or ground form can be purchased from here.

3 – Cardamom

Extremely popular in the Middle East but not so well known in Europe, cardamom offers a flavor that resembles that of ginger so it adds a unique taste to your cup of morning joe.

It comes with tons of benefits for health. It contains lots of fiber and other minerals and is believed to boost circulation of blood within one’s body.

You just have to sprinkle a pinch or two in a freshly prepared cup of coffee or add a few whole seeds of cardamom to the beans before you grind them for brewing coffee.

4 – Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a recommended ingredient if you adore a tinge of earthiness to your coffee. The overall flavor is kind of sweet so you will definitely love it but the aroma that it imparts to the coffee is slightly sweet and will definitely lure you into spilling that cup of coffee into your throat.

Nutmeg is not easy to measure and so should be used to taste and smell. Typically, a dash will be sufficient for a cup of coffee but we would urge you to figure out the appropriate quantity in accordance with your preference. It can be bought from here as well.

5 – Cocoa Nibs

You must be wondering what’s really the fuss about cocoa nibs? And why they have not used the term “chocolate”? The answer to this question is fairly simple since chocolate is something different as cocoa nibs are before they are processed into those scrumptious bars of candy.

Their texture is quite unique and taste similar to dark chocolate. However, the texture is slightly nuttier and chewier and can add a whole lot of exotic flavor to your cup of coffee.

We would recommend you to add about one-half of a teaspoon for a couple of cups of coffee into your coffee grinder along with the beans and you will get a flavor that is yearned by even the most enthusiastic of chocolate aficionados.

Mouthwatering? Have a look at these roasted cocoa nibs!

6 – Ginger

We discussed ginger above along with cardamom. So, if you cannot get your hands on cardamom, you may as well give ginger a try!

If you like to nibble at gingerbread every now and then, then you will certainly fall in love with this flavor. This is a brilliant way to mutate your coffee into a versatile, seasonal beverage with minimum of efforts.

Before you brew your cup of morning joe, add a few slices of ginger to the coffee grounds. If you do not have fresh ginger, one or two spoons of ginger powder should do the trick. You can get some here!

7 – Lavender

Lavender is yet another ingredient that will spice up your coffee and in addition to lending it a seasonal tweak, it will give you that amazing floral flavor. It suits the more vibrant, citrus brews in contrast to the bolder and darker ones.

You simply have to sprinkle a little dried lavender into your coffee grinding equipment and then add your coffee. Ensure that you do not add way too much of lavender than required as excessive quantities can transform the coffee into a soapy liquid rather than a springy one. Have a look at these dried flowers here.

8 – Star Anise

This ingredient may not be everyone’s cup of tea! If you have an appetite for liquorice then this one is probably tailor made for you. It imparts a truly unique flavor to your cup of morning joe when added in appropriate quantity.

One half a pod is sufficient for a cup of coffee. If you add it in excessive amounts, its flavor will overwhelm the original coffee flavor.

We would urge you to innovate a little and see for yourself which combination best suits you. If you are not a liquorice fanatic, you may as well give it a go. You can purchase it from here.

9 – Clove

Clove has probably been created for coffee! It is a commonly used household spice that gives your coffee an aromatic, splendid, leather couch air.

The spice should be purchased in the whole form for assured freshness. You can use your handy coffee grinder before adding the spice to the coffee grounds.

You can add in a few cloves into the coffee grounds. The number of cloves can be reduced for lesser number of cups to ensure that the taste does not overpower that of the coffee. You can get it from here.

10 – Peppermint Oil

Peppermint coffee shrieks of the holiday season but you do not always have to head to your coffee café in the neighborhood to savor its delights.

Peppermint is a herb that is a combination of spearmint and water mint and is adored by millions across the globe. However, we will be using peppermint oil extract for coffee.

Add in a few drops of the extract during the brewing process. Ensure that you do not get carried away and add it in excessive amount as it can overpower the original taste of the coffee regardless of the richness and quality of the coffee beans. Have a go at it and find out the appropriate balance.

The Wrap Up

These are 10 ingredients that can really spice up your coffee but this list does not end here and there are tons of other add-ons. We urge you to try out different spices and see for yourself which one suits your taste buds.

It will definitely be a fascinating ride for you as you discover new flavors and broaden your coffee tastes beyond the realms of tradition.

What flavors are you interested in adding to your cup of morning joe? Let us know about them through your comments as we would love to hear about the different spices that you use to amp up your coffee flavor.

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